Pieces of Me: 41-60 are some of the things that I do to express who I am

41-60 are some of the things that I do to express who I am

Express yourself!  I believe that your actions will always speak louder than your words.  When people hear you say, “I love to dance”, but see you holding up the wall at a party; please don’t get mad when no one believes you love to dance.  I’m not saying you should be on the floor all night, but I am telling you, if you’re in the club you might as well dance.  So how do you love something and never do it? Do what you love.

41-60 are some of the things that I do to express who I am

41.  I love birthdays, mine, yours just about anybody’s birthday

42.  I love poetry

43.  Writing puts a smile on my face

44.  I love music and will sing even though my voice is far from great

45.  I love to dance even when I’m off beat

46.  I enjoy a good book over a loud party these days

47.  I love styling my hair

48.  I love a well written play performed by great actors

49.  I love socializing with people I don’t know

50.  I love the smell of fruity things

51.  I would rather have cheesecake, but I love birthday cake

52.  My favorite things to eat include cabbage and BBQ chicken

53.  I used to love to cook, but somewhere along the way lost the passion

54.  I love basketball

55.  I love boxing

56.  I love football

57.  And I think I can learn to love baseball

58.  I enjoy seeing movies in the theater

59.  I will re-read a book I love and spoil it for those around me

60.  I take pride in a clean house (but my hubby makes this one tougher everyday)

The sixth “Pieces of Me: 61- 70 are some of the personality traits that make me up ” will be posted on February 05, 2013.


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