Happiness 101: The Lost Chronicles Something in the Air

Happiness 101: The Lost Chronicles

Something in the Air Smells like Happiness!!

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Have you ever walked into a room or space and it just feels right?  I mean, you can just feel a lift in your spirit.  The smell of happiness just appears to be in the air. It has been scientifically proven that certain scents or smells boost your mood.  Every now and then we need to take the simple steps to refresh and renew our serenity.  Filling your home with floral and herbal scents will do just that.  Normally I give self improvement tips that deal with working on one’s self, but below are a few ways to take steps to improve yourself by improving your environment.

Small Tips to Make Room for the Scent of Happiness:

  • The sweet smell of sugar and lavender makes for a delicious scent.  I once brought a lotion with this combination and I would put it on before bed and I swear it helped me to relax and sleep well.  So to create that feeling throughout your home try putting a layer of dried lavender in a glass jar with sugar, seal it for a little over a week and enjoy the sweetness.


  • Who doesn’t like to come home to the site of a dozen roses?  Well if you can’t afford to have a dozen roses every week I have an alternative for you.  It has been shown that roses have calming chemicals that help you create a peaceful and optimistic feeling inside you. No wonder we love them so much. Find your local floral shop or in my case Produce Junction that sells the rose petals.  Place the rose petals in decorative jar and not only do you have a beautiful and creative centerpiece; you now have calming agenda at work in your home.

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  • This next one I haven’t done in years but I loved filling sachets with floral and fresh scents.  They can be hung throughout the home, put in drawers and/or slipped between sheets, towels or stored clothing.  These sachets have the ability to give everything a feeling of freshness.   It’s a creative and decorative way to have the feel of happiness in every room.
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  • Now I know we just finished the holidays and scents of pine cones, cinnamon and other earthy smells have filled the room. But potpourri infused with rose, lavender and spice can be a great transition from the season and also do the job by offering a quick way to add a fresh new aroma to the room.


  • If you are not in the creative mood that I stay in; when all else fails there are candles.  Candles are an easy way to fill the room with the scent to improve your mood.  They are warming and can offer a soothing feeling throughout the home.  Some happiness scents I prefer and suggest are jasmine, lemon, vanilla and lavender.

Enjoy the fresh smells of Happiness…  Happy New Year!

Join us next week for more Self Improvement Made Easy as we discuss Stages of Change

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