The Long Day Decision…

The Long Day Decision

Oh! When I saw you it was like my day had just been made perfect.  I knew when I came here today there was no guarantee to find “the one”.  But oh how the selection of fineness filled my little heart with joy.  It was like the rainbow after the storm; the day that started off so-so was now far from over, I decided to skip the routine ride home from work and ended up in a good old fashioned shoe store!!!


Option One

Who could hold back from the perfect sandal with a summer dress and suave accessories?  You see the earth tone color with a t-strap front and a braided detail on the back is downright mesmerizing. Maybe it was the lavish material that polishes off the sandal that makes it a “must-have” member of my wardrobe. I mean, in my mind, I see this 4” heel manmade sole as a possible shift from work to play and definitely option one.

Option Two

Now as I looked over to the left competition has just entered the game.  There it stood, a strappy mid-heel sandal in olive color; man this one would be too perfect.  I can see it now as a cheerful approach to an after-work dinner party with the girls.  This shoe had to be crafted with one of the smoothest materials, displaying a faint topstitching and a back zip that makes for a stylish but easy wear.  Definitely making it option number two.

Option Three

Just when I thought I could not afford to have another option, then enters this 4 1/2″ classy pump.  This marvelous pump just screamed “attitude” and would lead to an impressive causal chic look. The grey colored pump is a fashionable quality material and has a decked out studded bow on the back.  Option three would be a great add to any dark jeans and breezy blouse attire for happy hour or a dance floor with my Ace….

Which brings me to the big decision?  Why of course, I choose option one through three.  I mean, come on, I don’t break the stereotype…I am a woman and I do love my shoes.



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