Work in Progress…

Every morning I go into my bathroom and look at the light over my mirror and tell myself; “I really need to put in a replacement.”  Then every day I walk out of there with no intention or plan to complete the project.  The truth is, there are many areas in our lives we look at and even acknowledge have issues and do absolutely nothing.  So similar to my morning routine of looking at the light, the issue remains, without any idea what it could be the consequences.  For example, the lack of light could be affecting my vision or worse I could walk out the house looking a hot mess…okay that is a worst-case scenario, but you get my point.  What we put off to handle or deal with tomorrow can lead to problems in the long run.

 I am capable of achieving my goals

If you have ever started something and didn’t finish (we know most of us have and will continue to if we don’t begin to plan), here are a few tips to assist in goal planning:

  1. Take the time to set short and long term goals.
  2. Set a priority list of both set of goals.
  3. Then set a daily to do list to reach the goals.
  4. Check off you daily activities to monitor your progress.
  5. The more you cross off the closer you are to achieving your long term goals.


Remember set goals.  Never forget everyone is a work in process; no one is perfect so enjoy who you are each day.

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