Poetry From the Archives of 2007…

A Poet’s Daily Prayer

If there is no poetry in me today

no tales of wisdom

if i am lost for words

if i have no internal perception

on how I believe things should be

then today there is no me

If I can’t articulate some pain or love

felt deep down inside

If I can’t express colorful metaphors

of what I wished or dreamt for

or today there is just me

Then I beg for the power of creation from my creator

Because I am nothing without my daily poetry

A Dancer’s Daily Prayer

Music please lift me from this bed

I couldn’t make it through the day

until I let the energy move me…any which way

Cause if there is no beat …that picks me up

No music that makes me move

no feeling so deep I can’t help… but to groove

Then let me stay in my bed

cause I’m sure to have a bad day

a soft tap to start me off

Shall I dance in beat or grab a partner

and let him lead my feet

Will I let the drum reach my heart

or side step until the dancer inside ….has no place to hide

Whatever the case I pray that I will be given the chance

to at least let the music hit me to mandate my daily Dance.


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