A Heart Captured

A Heart Captured

I yearn for you in my thoughts.

As if my mind

has omitted all possible reasoning.

When I see you

I speak softly.

Trying to hide my feelings

such pain inside.

You clearly maintain your stance.

This is were you belong,

you are not those other guys.

I think to myself

is this not my heart to keep closed

and yours to leave alone?

I try to shake loose your powerful grip.

Stand firm to maintain my balance.

And still you continue

to reach out your hand.

In hopes I extend mine.

Is not this my moment of freedom

and your time to let me go?

I convince my spirit

that there is nothing there.

Take steps towards it

but never walk out the door.

You confirm to me your sincerity.

Telling me to open up…to let you in.

Is not this my spirit to share as I choose

And your opportunity to move on?

Yet I still find myself gravitating to you

like some misplaced soul

You leave your heart open to me

to make plain your role.

Was not my heart yours to capture

And your heart mine to hold?


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