No Room Left at the Cross, Part 2

This blog is part 2 of my previous post. To read part 1, click here. If you have ever struggled to forgive due to your desire for justice, read on for part 2!

The bible provides numerous examples of imperfect, flawed, and even criminal people being used for righteous purposes. Every single time, God’s purpose was greater than their shortcomings. God’s purpose is so paramount, that he sent his blameless Son, Jesus, to redeem mankind. Jesus was completely innocent, and was still sent to pay the wages of every sin with his own life. Jesus was, and still is, truth and mercy, justice and forgiveness.

Jesus didn’t only die for the sins that we feel comfortable with. He died for the liar and the murderer; the person who succumbs to gluttony, and the adulterer; the one who does not love their neighbor, and the abuser; the person overcome with hate, and the person who allows their anger to turn into sin. But Jesus didn’t only come to be the ransom for sin. He also came to liberate the bound; to bind broken hearts; to comfort those that mourn; to give the mourning beauty for their ashes; and to set the captive free.

Our behaviors can make humans question God’s call on our lives. However, our actions, and their questions, are not powerful enough to eradicate the original call. The anointing can be taken away, and we see example of that in scripture. Our actions can result in the anointing being revoked, but our actions do not revoke the fact that the call did occur.

Can we believe that the body that was nailed and wounded for our transgressions, is the same body that hung and suffered stripes for our healing? Our inability to both love justice, and show mercy, does not mean that it is also impossible for God to be justice and mercy. Our feelings, titles, positions, or perspectives, will never trump the character and word of God.

There is certainly room at the cross for both truth and mercy, justice and forgiveness, so let us not turn anyone away.


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