Building Positive Changes


Building on strong foundation: positive change

When contractors gets ready to build a high-rise building, they always have a plan of what they would like to see as the final construct. They don’t just randomly throw some poles in the ground and see what happens. Instead, they will visualize in their mind, design on a computer how they would like the building to look, and then they choose the right supplies. The contractor prepares and set the concrete to give the foundation the best chance to maintain its structure. Then they continue to build and weed out any problems, as the project continues they begin visualized and recognized the strengthen of their foundation.

This is very similar to how we can accomplish our or help others accomplish goals. In order for one to lose 50 pounds and to have a happy and healthy life, they have to first visualize their potential and believe in that potential. If a contractor wants a high-rise, luxury apartment, he visualizes the luxury apartments and then build the high-rise. If you want health and wellness, take some time to visualize what your life could be like as a happy and healthy person. Experience what it would be like and really try to imagine that manifesting in your life.

The next step in setting your foundation is getting the ground prepared for the best possible results.  A contractor will want to make sure that the area has the proper abilities to support the building and will want to remove any obstacles that will hinder building. To relate this to your own situation, you have to look at things that will help you to achieve your goal. If you are going to implement a change in your life, do some planning and preparation before you make that change, to help you to succeed.

If you want to start living healthier, think about what you could eat, what exercise you could do, instead of what you are currently eating or current lack of exercise. Think about how you will eat and live healthy when you are at work, or out at a restaurant and plan in advance the strategies to help you to succeed. Make sure that you have lots of healthy choices available to make it easier to choose a healthier option. If you want to start implementing exercise into your life, think about different types of activities that you could do that would be fun and which would not be boring and painful. Plan in advance how you will exercise if it is dark outside or raining, or if you don’t have a babysitter or if you are on vacations. Find creative ways to get prepared in advance so that you will succeed.

To address obstacles that hinder your building, think about things that have contributed to your failure in the past and try to remove them from your experience. Remove unhealthy items from your kitchen that you don’t want to eat and replace them with healthier options. Avoid being around people who create a challenge for you to stick to your goals. Join an exercise class to help create the opportunity to develop new and healthy relationships. Develop a support network of people who support you in the changes you are trying to implement.

To maintain your building, or in other words your change, you need to learn to nurture and care for yourself. It takes times to prepare healthy meals, to meditate, to exercise and to rest and relax.  Make yourself a priority, because when you take the time to become healthier you are creating your wellness.  Think about the foundation of your positive change, nurture and d watch it grow. Happy building!



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