A Rebirth of Sorts

A Rebirth of Sorts

How many times have we heard the phrases, “If I get divorced, I ain’t never get married again,” or, “So, you’re doing it again huh? Better man than me,”? I’m 37, happily divorced at 28, and happily remarried. I got married young. Too young in my opinion. I was inexperienced, immature and not equipped to handle the hurdles that came with marriage and loving somebody that I wasn’t evenly matched with. But, of course I didn’t come to this conclusion during my divorce. The way I saw it, it was all her fault. I didn’t make this important discovery until I met my present wife.

“The Girl from Texas” is what her label was at first. She was beautiful, smart and away from the only home she knew. I had to know her story. But marriage was not on the table at first. I wasn’t sure I wanted to take that plunge again. I was a divorced man; apprehensive about every woman that came near me. It wasn’t until a Saturday afternoon, almost three years ago, that I knew this was going to be different.

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