Radiant Sunshine’s 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Radiant Sunshine’s 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Shining the Light from Within

A few years back I wrote a series of blogs on Happiness that gathered a lot of interest from my readers.  I was not certain until recently, if this was a topic worth revisiting.  Yet as a naturally peaceful and happy person, I find myself having to actively keep my happiness a priority.  You see, I live my life with the belief that Happiness is a choice.  A choice that comes from a string of decisions we make based on our life experience and our understanding of happiness. So as life gets tougher, I choose to stay Happy.

What is the Happiness challenge?

Over the next 30 days, I will discuss 30 ways to be happier and shine the light from within.  If you read my blog 13 Things I’ve Learned In 2013 you know that these last few months have not been the best in my life.  Over this last few months I learned that no matter how good we are at being at peace and happy; outside circumstances will try to shake you.  But I also am learning that maintaining my happiness begins with me.  Therefore, I decided to force myself to do a happiness blog for the entire month of April.  This thought in my mind quickly became an opportunity to help others; I plan to journal my ways to be happier but I will give some actions for others to do the same.

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