RS Tips: You can’t take a break on caring for yourself.

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Tip:  You can’t take a break on caring for yourself.

As the new year starts, it is easy to get wrapped up in the resolutions or the goal setting that never seems to last.  Remember, loving you should always be more than just a monthly or even weekly check-in.  If you want to maintain a healthy balance in life you have to start with you.  That means you take care of yourself every day.  Looking after you is your first responsibility; you cannot delegate it to anyone else.

Tip in Action:

  • Spend a few minutes each morning celebrating the whole of you (mind, body & spirit)
  • Take breaks throughout your day to refill. (Walk away from your desk, get some fresh air or simply close your eyes and see your peaceful place.)
  • Before bed, decompress and prepare to enjoy your rest (journal, pray, mediate and/or be still).


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