RS Tips: Trust someone!

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Tip: Trust someone! 

Remember not everyone is in competition or out to get you.  I’m not saying trust blindly, but having faith in others is healthy.  Allow your trust to be adjusted according to the type of relationship.  For example, trusting your spouse should not be on the same level as trusting a close friend. Remember, trusting others builds trust in yourself and the decisions you make in selecting relationships.  This trust in others shows that you are able to clearly act in your best interest, by knowing what and how much to share.

Tip in Action:

  • Make a clear list of who you trust?  If the list is none, list who you wished you could trust.
  • Be clear on what you need to feel trust. (ex.  consistency, communication and honesty)
  • Give one person a chance to be trusted. Start with a familiar relationship (ex. family, friend or co worker)


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