Pieces of Me: 71-80 some of the tangible things that have added to me

71-80 some of the tangible things that have added to me

Have you ever heard someone say, “I need something tangible”? The truth is, everyone is made up of things you can touch or feel.  When we think about our daily activities and things we just have to have, we think of love, friendship, companionship and all that good stuff.  But tell me part of you doesn’t think about that favorite purse that just makes you smile, the lipstick that makes you look like a million bucks or in my case those loud color shoes that match absolutely nothing I have on.  This section is the pieces dedicated to what you can feel!

71-80 some of the tangible things that have added to me



71.  I love the bible (really those stories are timeless and well written)

72.  I love shoes

73.  I love purses

74.  I love  earrings (wood material mostly)

75.  I love natural products  (give me my Shea butter or olive oil and I’m good)

76.  I love my hair

77.  I love pictures printed out and framed (nothing like a perfectly framed picture)

78.  I love Black art ( the detail work by such artist as John Holyfield, expresses true beauty)

79.  I love manicures

80.  I love pedicures





The last “Pieces of Me: 81-100 some of the intangible things that make up the pieces of me” will be posted on April 05, 2013.


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