Pieces of Me: 61- 70 are some of the personality traits that make me up

61- 70 are some of the personality traits that make me up

Characters or personalities are funny.  I once worked with a young lady who spent her days defining herself as shy, but half of the time she is loud, rude and at time plain ugly towards others.

When I approached her about this behavior she kindly told me, “I am shy in my family.”  The reality was she was right, because her family members were very outgoing in comparison to my client.  Many of us define our personalities based on our experience in our worlds and that may not always line up with who you really are when defined by the world surrounding you.

In this section I challenge you to look up the words you use to define yourself and make sure they match your actions.  The important part in this section is not to be right or wrong but to be informed.

61- 70 are some of the personality traits that make me up

61.  I know how to be assertive

62.  I am confident

63.  But I am a pushover sometime to those I love

64.  I am usually very serene

65.  I am very calm

66.  With a certain boldness

67.  I am courageous

68.  But other times I can be intimidated

69.  I can be very insightful

70.  But other times I have no problem with admitting , “I just don’t know”

The seventh “Pieces of Me:  71-80 some of the tangible things that have added to me” will be posted on March 05, 2013.


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