A Pearl

Much too young to understand

Pain came in my life and held my hand

It hurt so much I pulled away

But every day became night

I was living in what felt like a serious fight.


I logged this pain deep inside.

My memories became the standard lie

“I’m fine”

But anger grew and I called it; “strength”

Still much too young to understand

Pain became anger now they both held my hand.

But the days became night

Ruled by my anger; I felt now I had the upper hand.

At least that’s how I stayed in the fight.

Was I winning, I think not.


Soon the naivety of my youth; could no longer be my excuse

Time had grown me into

an angry


pain of a person;

with no room for growth.


Still clinging to my youth I gathered up my excuses.

Where time saw no room for growth

I saw a means to change;

Dug deep inside and accepted

All my past pain.

Then I opened my hands

And released the beauty of my Pearl!



Poetry inspired by my own journey and the reality that too often as women we believe that pain has to make us hard and/or cold…but the formation of a pearl is one of the best examples of taking the hurt/pain from your past and letting it shape you into a beautiful gem called a Pearl….  May God continue to shape you!!



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