Old Skool Thursday- Black Music Month

Old Skool Thursday-  Black Music Month

Anyone that has been to my home can tell you I love music.  When you enter the living room of my home the first thing most music lovers notice is my record player and vinyl collection.  I have a small collection compared to some, but to me it’s just right.  Plus if Jamie and I continue our runs to Princeton Music Exchange it’s sure to keep growing.   Let me add I listen to a number of different genres of music; Soul, Jazz, Hip hop, Folk, Gospel and more.  Most, if not all these genres are rooted in Black Culture.  My largest genre in my vinyl collection is Soul Music, with a close second going to Jazz.  Outside of my vinyl, I still have cassettes, CD’s and an mp3 player.  I told you I love music.  So as we celebrate Black Music Month, my plan is to give you a sneak peek into my collection of music in the hopes that it will remind you of how great music can make you feel….Enjoy!!!   

Let’s start with 3 of my favorites


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