Love Has No Recession-Review by Al-Lateef Farmer

When I first read that Kindred the Family Soul titled their album Love Has No Recession, I immediately anticipated an album filled with love songs, with the two lovers guiding us on journey through the Dantlzer household. However, when I listened to the album, I realized the married couple of over thirteen years were making a plea; a plea to our community, to our country, to each other, that love is in need of love today… more than ever! The album is a throwback soul album, socially relevant, yet for lovers only.

It’s been nearly three years since their last release, The Arrival, and the Dantzlers have witnessed a world of change; Barack Obama became President of the United States, they’ve had their sixth child, moved on from longtime recording label Hidden Beach, the economy has continued to perpetuate suffering in our neighborhoods has increased and the music industry seems so far away from where it was when Kindred the Family Soul debuted with Surrender to Love back in 2003. It is that world that influences Love as no Recession and ultimately pours through the speakers and into your heart.

“The Sheddington”, which serves as the albums intro and outro displays some excellent instrumentation and sets the tone as Fatin, Aja and a few special guests tell us what’s going on. “We All Will Know” and “Take a Look Around” are social commentary over a bass drum, tackling such topics as police in the community, the downward turn in our economy, senseless violence and apathy in the community. A true testament to Kindred’s consistency, quality of music and who they are as people is evident in the guest appearances on the album; Raheem Devaughn and Bilal appear on the album, as well as the legendary Snoop Dogg drops a heartfelt 16 on “You Got Love”, an excellent mid-tempo groove that celebrates the feeling of being in and wanting to share love.

“Magic Happen” is the album’s official first single and classic Kindred, examining their relationship as the center of the world around them and drawing from its strength to move forward through these tough times. “Head above Water” is a three-part poem used as transitional tools and the second poem, performed by CoCo Brown, brings us to a group of songs that takes the focus from the community into the household. “S.O.S.”, “Sticking with You”, and “2 Words” find the dynamic duo examining the not-so glamorous side of live. It is on these three songs where they sing about if love is strong enough to endure the turbulence of life within a relationship, if it outlasts the years that keep some people together and getting past silly arguments and back to loving one another.

Love Has No Recession, the album and song, is real life happening musically, a reminder that we’re always moving forward when we’re moving with love in our hearts. That has been the cornerstone for their career, which has been a direct result of their nearly 13-year marriage and it is all over this album. Slow your busy summer schedule and take a listen to Love Has No Recession and then ask yourself, where am I in love?

Check out for updates, exclusive videos and the new season of the web series “Six Is It”. Then, follow Kindred the Family Soul on Twitter @kindredthefam (Fatin) and @Kindredthewife (Aja). Love Has No Recession will be available for download and in stores on July 26th.

– Al-Lateef Farmer


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