I’m married to my best friend: How life really plays out?

“I’m married to my best friend” The chill from the wind made this Saturday, October night seem different than any before.  I watched as children dressed in costumes dominated my neighborhood with their hopes for filling bags with treats.  I was wearing a simple pair of dark jeans, stone wash jean jacket (yes I said stone wash) over my favorite yellow, red, black and green tee-shirt.  Far from over dressed, I had two simple plans; go to the Black Star concert and get home safely.  Both plans I achieved without a hitch.  It is what that took place between those … Continue reading I’m married to my best friend: How life really plays out?

Reconcilable Differences Part 4

A Single Woman’s Divorce I hold on for dear life as if your touch was that of my husband The treatment of girlfriends are different than wives.   Words that ring out the story of commitment “I’m not going anywhere.” But I can’t tell you; What if anything would keep you here. I lay alone in my tears. Challenged by my past. Claiming to myself “I will not play this role again.” I rollover to the spot where you once laid your head; These tears don’t make this our place. I tell myself “I am not your wife.” Just because … Continue reading Reconcilable Differences Part 4


E  m  p  t  y Was all I felt. I focused on my success. That’s it. I needed a better job. Now I could impress the best of them with my resume. But would give it all up To feel set free.   So I changed my focus to my home Maybe if I owned my own. That would help I just knew it would… Yet I came home and I still felt alone   Longing, each day seemed so lonely. All these people around me. Each one telling me they know what’s best. I was being pulled in so … Continue reading Empty

My Role of Aaron

A few years back I truly learned the power of Faith and Prayer.  I watched as my sister’s life was proclaimed over by man more than once or twice in a short time span (I’ll save this full testimony for another time).  Never once did I believe their report even when love ones, friends or doctors tried to prepare me for what “may” happen.  They meant no harm, they just didn’t want to see me hurt. Faith in God’s word is what I stood on.  My role was simple and I played it well; thank God, I maintain my sister is healed.  And I would play … Continue reading My Role of Aaron


Loves  God loves you without question. So it’s your heart I search so deeply to see as God does.   Given that God accepts you without complexities. I receive you as you are: HUMAN In the hopes to reflect the strength God has given you.   Because God understands you without explanation. I listen to you religiously to acknowledge your needs In the effort to understand you as God does   Trust that God always has a place for you. So I open up my heart for you to share. In a clear attempt to love you somewhat as God … Continue reading Loves