Asking Sunshine: The Friend Zone!

Asking Sunshine! Hi Sunshine, I have been really close with a female for the last 3 years and she didn’t know I liked her a lot.  I decided to tell her recently and she told me she wants to stay friends.  I know that I am her type of guy; we enjoy the same things, I can make her laugh and when she is upset or hurting I’m the one there.  When she is talking about her life, dreams and the type of man she wants, I know I can be her man and help support those dreams.  What should … Continue reading Asking Sunshine: The Friend Zone!

Asking Sunshine: Considering Casual Sex

Asking Sunshine Hey Sunshine, I am about to blow your mind, because I’ve got a bunch of stuff going through my mind at this point.  I hope you can help.  I recently met this dude on Twitter and we’ve been exchanging direct messaging for a few days.  I’m not delusional and won’t claim to know him at all (I only know what he tells me about him).  I know it could be a lie.  Here is my issue, sis, I think I would like to have sex with him.  He sends me photos of himself kind of naked and it … Continue reading Asking Sunshine: Considering Casual Sex

Asking Sunshine…Dating Preference: No Kids

Asking Sunshine Hey Sunshine, A co-worker recently set me up with their friend through Facebook.  However, once I looked through his photo albums, I noticed that he has a small child.  I don’t date men with children (too many horror stories) and I’m just not trying to take those issues on. I have two questions: 1. Am I wrong for not wanting to date a man with children? 2. How do I word this gently without hurting the feelings of my co-worker and his friend? Dear Dating Preference: No Kids OK, let me start by saying that everyone is allowed … Continue reading Asking Sunshine…Dating Preference: No Kids

Asking Sunshine: Waiting to Be Married

Asking Sunshine… Hi Sunshine! I have been seeing the same guy since my junior year in college and we are now almost 30. I want to start a family once we are married, but the last 5 years he has said “next year, my question is how do I get him to understand time is ticking or should I just wait? Dear Waiting To Be Married.. If I give it to you straight, then a few sentences in you may be upset with me because I’m not giving you the answer you expect.  I say this because every situation is … Continue reading Asking Sunshine: Waiting to Be Married

Asking Sunshine: Attracted to My Husband’s Best Friend

Asking Sunshine I’m a 32-year-old married woman. I love my husband of 6 years, but recently I found myself attracted to my husband’s best friend. We all went to college together and for a brief time I dated him prior to even meeting my husband. We didn’t work and never had sex, but we’ve continued as good friends; he even introduced me to my now husband.  My husband teases us saying things like, “You guys have more in common”, or to him “Still mad I married your woman?” We laugh it off, but now I’m starting to wonder “what if”? … Continue reading Asking Sunshine: Attracted to My Husband’s Best Friend

Asking Sunshine: Distant Daughter

Asking Sunshine  Because of how life has moved for both of us, and timing of my early educational pursuits in the midst of my parents’ divorce, I have a much distanced relationship with my father. Long story short, we keep in touch, but there is no REAL relationship there. I love him very much, but it’s always extremely uncomfortable trying to talk with him. We are literally just alike, so I understand him more than he knows, but sometimes it feels like there’s a gaping wound in our relationship that no one is willing to approach, so it will always be … Continue reading Asking Sunshine: Distant Daughter