Take Action!!

Decide what you want and then work at it! Most people don’t get what they want because they are not willing to work. Somehow people have convinced themselves things should come without work. This year, I’ve heard people complain about their jobs, level of education, marriage, friendships, and so much more. When offered a solution that required them to work, they usually make excuses, get emotional or simply say they are not willing to do anymore. I guess in some ways they are right, they have decided they are not willing to do the work. Sadly, I suspect that means … Continue reading Take Action!!

Why I Started Freedom To Shine?!

  Freedom of Shine Mission & Purpose Practical wellness advice for today’s woman of color. This channel hopes to serve people of all backgrounds but will focus on the improvement and wellness of Black and Brown women, our relationships and … Continue reading Why I Started Freedom To Shine?!