1st Annual Women Enrichment Retreat

Learn from Personal Development Coaches and Innovators from the RS Women Enrichment Community This is a VIP retreat focused on the wellness wheel utilized by the RS Counseling & Wellness Center. The retreat workshops are geared towards an intimate group focused on … Continue reading 1st Annual Women Enrichment Retreat

50 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge #27

  Welcome to the 50 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge a genuine effort to help each of us take note of the good things in life. At RS Counseling & Wellness, we believe that sharing gratitude daily helps us all to experience real commitment to living a full life. Many weeks will ask you to journal, interact with others; all while expressing your appreciation for that which you are grateful. So join us each Thursday of 2017.  Also if you would like to share your weekly activity or have see what others are grateful for please join our Facebook group by … Continue reading 50 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge #27

Prayer Is Not Enough

“…Jesus didn’t only pray. He healed people from various physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions; He taught multitudes and mentored the disciples; He fed people who were hungry and turned water into wine; and ultimately He voluntarily was beaten and crucified on behalf of all mankind. He even rose from the dead! Prayer was not enough.” Continue reading Prayer Is Not Enough