I’m married to my best friend: How life really plays out?

“I’m married to my best friend” The chill from the wind made this Saturday, October night seem different than any before.  I watched as children dressed in costumes dominated my neighborhood with their hopes for filling bags with treats.  I was wearing a simple pair of dark jeans, stone wash jean jacket (yes I said stone wash) over my favorite yellow, red, black and green tee-shirt.  Far from over dressed, I had two simple plans; go to the Black Star concert and get home safely.  Both plans I achieved without a hitch.  It is what that took place between those … Continue reading I’m married to my best friend: How life really plays out?


Recently, I’ve been thinking about the words “independent” and “married” and how people grow attached to the titles. As you know I’ve traded the “single” title, for “married”, yet people seem to believe that my independence was lost in the exchange. Let me start by saying I hold both titles in high esteem, because each provide a different set of lessons and experiences.  So the question is does this new “married” title make me less independent?  It appears that way to some. I have noticed through conversations with married people and/or the strange way single people now choose to interact … Continue reading Untitled…

Happy Birthday Ace!!!

Happy Birthday to my best friend and love of my life… Ace, last year when I asked “what you wanted for your birthday”…you only said to spend it with me.  I couldn’t understand because you just spent the week before showering me with gifts for my birthday.  Now to me at that moment in time, it seemed unbelievable that a gift was as simple as being “present.”  But from this and every year to follow for my birthday the only gift I will need is to spend it with you….Love you! Continue reading Happy Birthday Ace!!!

To My Husband to Be…. “When you find me”

I love how God works just when you least expect it, he shows up and in this case he showed off…  I had almost conceded that this was not my season for love outside of God, family and friends.  Then God went and inserted “Al-Lateef Farmer” here; with “here” being my heart.   So here goes…Long before the October night; when you gave up your spot so I could see Mos and Talib hit the stage.  Long before the November evening; where Stevie Wonder played in the background as we sat in the car and talked well into the night.  Long before the January afternoon; I came to pray for … Continue reading To My Husband to Be…. “When you find me”