Asking Sunshine: Dating While Friends

Asking Sunshine I have had an on-again, off-again kind of relationship with a guy for about three years. Recently, we have tried to really make it work for real this time, but the results are an interesting mix of chaos and harmony, with the chaos being explosive arguments, digs under the belt, and me trying hard to be better FOR him. My spirit is LOUD in telling me we’re not for each other, but there is so much history there, and I love him at the very least as a close friend. How can I get over this ideal of … Continue reading Asking Sunshine: Dating While Friends

It’s Not You, It’s Me (Music)

#5  When you realized the feelings are fading and the longer you wait the worse it will be…   #4 When the person is just not the person you met…you’ve turned cold   #3  When you wonder how it could be if the hurt never came….and trying doesn’t work…   #2  When you realized that if you stay with them it may make you crazy   #1 When you realize that you are the cause of the pain and wish you could take it all back… Continue reading It’s Not You, It’s Me (Music)

Got to Moved On (Music)

#5  When you gotta face that all love is a lesson even when you don’t want to…   #4 When number 5 gets so bad that your friends come get you out….   #3  At some point the calling back and forth;  sneeking to see one another, with the hopes of getting back together just becomes too much…   #2  The Decision that makes things real for the both of you….   #1 When you finally know things will be just fine… Continue reading Got to Moved On (Music)

She May Not Be The One (Music)

#5 You know there is a real chance you are not the only one… #4 You’ve hurt her so much; you’re no longer sure what she will do next… #3 She told you that she has cheated on her ex-boyfriend(s)… #2 She does something wrong and blames it on you…when your hands are clean #1 She calls you the wrong name…then offers no real explanation… Continue reading She May Not Be The One (Music)