You need to Get Over Him (Music)

Top 5 “You need to Get Over Him” Songs… #5 When you are accepting the nonsense he puts you through… #4  When the man has you breaking laws… #3  When the health of loving him has you torn in pieces… #2  When you actually start seeming a little crazy yourself over him… #1  The delusion that something is still in place; when it is truly over… Continue reading You need to Get Over Him (Music)

No Fuss

No Fuss You don’t make a fuss over me Don’t spend time trying to convince me of my beauty You can careless about the style of my hair Make-up on or off, you never seem to care I can think through an outfit all day long To you it’s nothing different Chances are you won’t remember a thing I had on I don’t remember the last time you looked me in the eyes Just to tell me that I’m beautiful Come on, really you still can’t understand why I’m not making a fuss as I walk out the door. Continue reading No Fuss


A desperate attempt to make poetry out of you. We greet each other like strangers. We have nothing to discuss, outside of what happened to us. Tired of discussions that turn into arguments “about what was done right and what was done wrong.” We barely speak or see each other as “home.” I promise you that I have searched             and searched all night trying to recall the words I used to describe you             when we first met. Believing that maybe those words would help me get      that feeling of love back. I questioned how             I framed … Continue reading Desperate


You stand still I turn to catch a glimpse Aware of this motionless moment Reality, now seems to be a word I can’t begin to understand Our timing, always off just as I feared; What more is there for us to do? I tell you what I can’t afford. Is another broken heart. Your silence Tells me you recognize the truth. You don’t want to be the cause Of my broken heart. You stand still As if you have no idea What move to make next? I turn to catch a glimpse. you walk away; Finally, Movement. Continue reading Still